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Avli identity design

Logo Development

Role | Logo Designer

I created one unique logo that would be applied to two locations: their flagship restaurant, Taverna, and the one in the River North neighborhood. 

The client wanted to be able to apply the design to their takeout bags, boxes, and cups. 

This logo was for the basement bar at their River North location.


I wanted to incorporate the Greek evil eye symbol into the logo to pay homage to their origins while updating it to match the modern feel of the lounge. 

They also wanted a stamp that they could use to identify the contents of their takeout boxes. This example would be for salad options. 

I created two options for their new menu. The client wanted a very simple design that would focus on the ingredients. 


This first option was for a larger menu. It features starters, soups & salads, and sides to the left in order to emphasize entre options on the right.  

This option is for a more limited menu. It flows top to bottom in order to encourage patrons to have a complete, 3-course meal.

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